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TDI Connect is currently an all-volunteer group that creates partrtnerships and collaborations with area non-profts in order to make PCs available where they are needed.

We are driven by our dedicated volunteers and are always looking to build support to help in PC refurbishment, education of our collaborative groups, and the processes of receiving donations and delivering PCs.

Sign up for one of our upcoming volunteer days - Just click on the day you would like to volunteer from the list below. Minimal computer experience required – we can train you!

If you have questions, please contact Denise Daniels at:

There are: 15 upcoming volunteer days, just click on your preference to sign-up:

Sat   2020-02-22   12 to 3:30pm Tue   2020-02-25   9am-12pm Sat   2020-02-29   12 to 3:30pm
Tue   2020-03-03   9am-12pm Sat   2020-03-07   12 to 3:30pm Tue   2020-03-10   9am-12pm
Sat   2020-03-14   12 to 3:30pm Sat   2020-03-21   12 to 3:30pm Tue   2020-03-24   9am-12pm
Sat   2020-03-28   12 to 3:30pm Tue   2020-03-31   9am-12pm Tue   2020-04-07   9am-12pm
Tue   2020-04-14   9am-12pm Tue   2020-04-21   9am-12pm Tue   2020-04-28   9am-12pm

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We are looking for volunteers to help refurbish a large shipment of PCs

We have recently received a shipment of 700 desktops and laptops donated by Mercer County Community College and need volunteer help to prepare the PCs for distribution. We need help in the following areas:

  • Unpacking each of the palettes of donated machines and equipment.
  • Installing hard drives into laptops and desktops.
  • Installing the Ubuntu operating system and other open source software - a fully documented, step-by-step, process.
  • Preparing the machines for actual delivery (putting together machines, cables, monitors, keyboards, mice, etc.)