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TDI Connect refurbishes computers and laptops donated by companies and schools, and distributes the computers in collaborations with Trenton non-profits to individuals and groups who do not currently have internet access. The donated computers are then refurbished by technically trained volunteers. (See the TDI Connect Flier)

TDI Connect is currently an all-volunteer group that creates partrtnerships and collaborations with area non-profts in order to make PCs available where they are needed.

Each TDI Connect computer includes the hyper-efficient Ubuntu Linux Operating System, popular web browsers, and a suite of productivity software that reads and writes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop files.

The Linux operating system is used by Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and 84% of corporate computers including the world's fastest supercomputer. A customized version of Ubuntu Linux operates Tesla cars.

TDI Connect Supports the Trenton Literacy Movement - Provides PCs to Second Graders

TDI Connect supports TLM by providing computers to all participating second graders at the Wilson Elementary School (See the US 1 article)

TDI Connect Partners with Comcast on Comcast Cares Day

Comcast Care Day 2019 provides volunteers to help TDI's computer refurbishment and delivery efforts (See Volunteers)